Why run for Council?

Gail is proud of the significant work that has been completed during her tenure, most recently:

  • Completion of 2040 Transportation Master Plan and Regional Transportation Plan
  • Adoption of the 2040 Official Community Plan and supporting zoning bylaw
  • Refresh and annual updates to the Capital Plan
  • Development of a Community Safety Plan
  • The support and lobby efforts to see the launch of Kelowna Community Court
  • Significant expansion of Active Transportation Corridors
  • Completion of numerous supportive housing projects through strong BC Housing relationship
  • The Journey Home Strategy, Regional Housing Needs Assessment

She is honored to have been a part of this work and is excited to be engaged in and leading the next stages of our development.

In the next term, the completion of the 2040 Infrastructure Plan, the North End Plan, Parkinson Centre rebuild, updated Climate Resilience Framework and Complex Care advocacy are significant projects that will benefit from veteran knowledge and established relationships. In addition, significant effort needs to continue on Community Safety initiatives as well Homelessness and Housing affordability. Despite considerable funding, focus and advocacy in these areas, outcomes remain challenging.

It is through tenacity, leadership experience and relationship building skills that Gail will ensure we fully leverage both current and future opportunities, maintain the trust and confidence of those investing in our community and effectively implement the numerous projects and strategies already under way.

What does Gail believe in?

Gail Given believes that a strong and vibrant community relies on a growing economy, a Council that is prepared and open for opportunity and community resources that are connected and aligned to meet the challenges of the future. Relationship building and collaboration are paramount to leveraging our finite city resources and providing the best possible services to the citizens of Kelowna.

A vibrant and sustainable Kelowna has at its core:

  • A confident and vibrant business community
  • A strong sense of Community Safety and order
  • A healthy level of growth and development
  • Efficient and effective use of taxpayer’s dollars
  • A dynamic arts and culture community
  • Strong housing policy
  • Effective, integrated transportation plan
  • A respect for our agricultural background and tourism driven economy
  • Respect for environmental values, water and air shed, prepared for climate change
  • A strong social net that supports our citizens, our youth, our seniors and our most vulnerable

Gail’s vision is a city that is full of opportunities for all or our citizens:

  • Career potential / strong economy
  • Connected and supported social network
  • Diverse and attainable housing options, increased availability of rental properties, city homes, and small lot developments
  • Healthy Lifestyle (Air shed, water shed, parks, active living)
  • Improved Transportation (multi modal corridors, expanded Rapid Bus)
  • Vibrant Town centres
  • Active and growing Arts and Culture sector